What is a disc-jockey?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  A person who jockeys discs, and/or plays music using records, CD’s or digital music.

JJ Nite

So the real question is, if you hire a disc-jockey, or DJ, will they play the music in such a way that you and your guests will have fun?  Are they going to play music from 2000 to 2016?  Or do they have such a rich history and background that their experience tells them to play anything and everything that you and your guests want to hear?
Now that takes years of experience.

An MC, also known as the “Master of Ceremonies” usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, entertains people, and generally keeps the event moving. An MC may also tell jokes or anecdotes.  In a wedding for instance, the MC will keep everyone on schedule.

During the wedding reception, the multifaceted responsibility of the Master of Ceremony (MC) is to keep the agenda flowing smoothly by:

skillfully capturing and maintaining the attention of the wedding guests
effectively directing their attention on whatever the bride and groom have chosen to include
keeping the wedding attendees informed so at any given moment they know what is happening
comfortably guiding the bride’s and groom’s friends and family so they know what they are supposed to do to participate.

The role of the Wedding Master of Ceremony incorporates a wide range of skills, and those who serve in this capacity have frequently undergone extensive training in the following areas:

Delivering applause cues
Presenting introductions
Microphone technique
Posture and stance
Voice inflection
Staging (theatre)

Music is the foundation for your entire event.  It’s the underlying reason anyone wants to have a company party, or event.

When it comes to choosing music for your event, you know what you like and you probably know what your guests are going to want to dance to.  But, if you want to arrive at your even and just forget about your problems, that’s where a DJ with 20+ years of experience comes in.  Playing the right song at just the right time.  Ohhhh yeah.

Without colors and lighting, you got a cafeteria and music.  Bright, bland, and no fun!

You and your guests wanna’ forget about their problems and worries.  They wanna’ envelope themselves in a world of music, friends, and atmosphere.  We deliver that to your dance floor.

What is “Up-Lighting”?  Simply put, it is lighting that projects very cool vibe from the floor to the ceiling.  So why do I need it?

So why do I need it?  Actually, you don’t.  Unless of course you want to create an other-word atmosphere for you and your guests.  We’ll help make that happen.
Talk to us about adding “Up-Lighting” to your event and sky-rocket it to another level.

Eboni A

We hired this DJ last minute because we could not decide between him and the flood of others out there. But we are so happy that we did! He did not flake like DJs have a bad rep for doing. His song library is expansive. I can’t think of one song that we requested and he didn’t have. You can tell he has been doing this a long time because he totally knew how to read the crowd and keep everyone dancing at our party. Highly recommended!!

Eboni A | Tacoma, WA

Cheri J

JJ went above and beyond! Played everything we wanted to hear, kept the party POPPIN’!!! Very punctual and very professional!

Cheri J | Maple Valley, WA

Jason E

JJ at Heavy DJ & MCs was without a doubt the best DJs I have ever had the pleasure of working with for a big event. JJ’s meticulous attention to details, professional pre-event planning and overall care and concern for our wishes for the evening helped make this one of the best gatherings I have ever had the privilege of hosting. This was a second wedding for both of us and we wanted to ensure all our guests enjoyed the music, from the youngest to the oldest. The floor was packed from the first dance to the last. We have had numerous calls from guests who said “your DJ was awesome!”
On a scale from 1-10, I’d have to give him an 11.

Jason E | Federal Way, WA

Paul F

I’ve watched JJ do his thing at a number of events and hired him myself. He really is very good at what he does. He get’s everyone involved and out on the dance floor and all have a great time. I highly recommend JJ for your event.

Paul F | Puyallup, WA

Planning an event is actually simple.  Plan your work, then work your plan.  It’s all about execution, follow-through, and meeting everyone’s expectations.  That’s what we do.




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